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Little Flower Wedding and Coral Gables Country Club Reception

Becky and Damian had an absolutely beautiful wedding at The church of the LIttle Flower in Coral Gables, followed by a fabulous reception at the Coral Gables Country Club.  This wedding was complete with not only a beautiful Bride and Groom, but fabulous bridal party, spectacular South Florida weather and a non stop party from start to finish.  Even Sebastian the Ibis from The U paid the newlyweds a visit for some serious partying!  And as you can tell by the photos, they really partied!!  Enjoy a highlight of this fabulous couples big day!

JP2_1172 copy

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Liz Benito - Absolutely amazing. Blessed to have been a part of such a beautiful day.

Javie B - Great work

Danielle - AHHHHH-MAY-ZING… but I wouldn’t expect anything less!!!

Loved this day! Thank you for always capturing the best moments!

Adriana - Absolutely amazing!! Such a memorable night!

Jessica - Absolutely beautiful <3

Teri - Absolutely STUNnnnInG!!!!

Nick Viamontes. Father of the bride - The photos I have seen so far are fabulous and have shown them to my friends who own major Park Avenue advertising agencies in NY and they were very impressed. Thank you

Patrick - Congrats again guys !

Alfredo W. Quintero - Awesome video and you guys look Great.

Jeanette - Couldn’t have captured the memories any better! Becky, you’re radiant! Xoxo

Jessica Pulido - You guys look fabulous! So happy for both of you! May God Bless you now and always! Xoxo

Isabelle - Beautiful my sista! Love you both so much and so blessed to have been there!

Walter Bertot sr - Excellent movie and pictures!
We can now re-live such a great day and very special moment


Lourdes-MOAM - My compliments to John Paul. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!! If I may…la belleza sobra. What a beautiful couple.

Adriana - Absolutely beautiful! Such a memorable night!!

Darlene - Becky I loved every minute of your day! Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple. This team did a great job of catching all the memorable shots. Congrats

Carolina - Love this! Awesome job:*

Susie Krome - Beautiful wedding!! It was a fantastic night celebrating a fantastic couple! The pictures captured the moments perfectly! Gorgeous!

Jose - The Uuuuuuuu

Becky - You guys did such an amazing job!!!!! Can’t wait to see them all!!! We love you guys!!!!

Nick Viamontes. Father of the bride - The photos I have seen so far are fabulous!!! I have shown them to some of my friends who own major advertising agencies in Park Avenue NY and London and they were very impressed. Good job!! Thank you

Fred Sr tio - Great pictures they did a super job we love those videos , brings those good memories right back!

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Kelly and Nick’s Paint Engagement Photo Shoot

We had so much fun during this engagement Photo shoot.  Kelly and Nick are an extraordinary couple who’s beautiful photo shoot started at Miami’s Vizcaya Museum with beautiful photos with a beautiful couple.  We then moved to have some fun with paint!  We always feel so honored to have met so many extraordinary people in our line of work, especially getting to be with them on such an important day.  We get to know most of our couples and can say we have developed some life long friendships along the way.  Having gotten to know Kelly, we knew that she lost her mom at the age of 14 due to breast cancer.  Kelly felt a lump and immediately went to the doctor because of the history of breast cancer in her family.  Last week she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I know we have many people that frequent our blog and we ask that you please pray for Kelly.  We hope this raises awareness to folks about screening at any age and really being in touch with your health.  We know that with your prayers and Kelly’s guardian angel (her mom) she will get through this and show that cancer who is boss.  Love you guys and we will celebrate your love for one another on 3/14/15 cancer free!


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Kelly - Wowwww mama I loveeeeeee it! Thank you so much you guys are amazing! Love you guys!

debbie - this video is so amazing. i love you both and kelly you are going to be this. i love you and will be here for you no matter what.

Marlene Acevedo - Your photos are gorgeous!! And you are gorgeous Kelly?!!! God bless you! Love you and miss you! ~Marlene ?

Patricia Vancheri - Beautiful happy that you found each other. I pray for strength and love to be abounding for you on your journey of love for one another. know I love you the wind beneath her wings! Mamacheri xxoo

Debra Moncayo - Kelly,
The video is absolutely beautiful. We are going to beat this and you will be a gorgeous bride and have the wedding of your dreams on 3/14/15.
Love you with all of my heart .
Smooches Ma

Allison Babb - Your beautiful Kelly.

Jodi Ruff - Beautiful pictures of Kelly & Nick ~ you two are very Blessed !

Bonnie Murphy - The video is awesome!! Love you guys!!

beth balzer - my kelly, the video is absolutely amazing! you are going to beat this and on 3/14/15 you will be forever joined to your soul mate. i love you both so very much!
hugs, kisses and much love to you both! ?

Dawn Milian - They came out AMAZING! You look gorgeous! I can’t wait for they wedding!!

Nayomy Figueroa - Absolute beautiful! God bless you guys!

Tina Villas - Hi guys!!!! The video is stunning! But then when you have two beautiful people… I’m looking forward to the wedding and seeing you walk down the isle. Much love, strength, courage and prayers. Love you both… Tina 8^)

Colleen - Simply gorgeous! What a beautiful couple!

Bushra - Loved the video, pictures, and song. Everything was perfect. I think u really did a great job emboding this great couple!!!!

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Beautiful Islamorada Wedding

Elaine and Jovani had a beautiful Islamorada beach wedding at the Islamorada Fish  Company.  We feel like a part of this wonderful family having now been a part of two of their beautiful life events!  Because Elaine and Jovani are now expecting a beautiful bundle of joy, their big day was moved from November to March of this year.  We were already booked on the new date, but luckily had our fabulous Level X partner, Bryan photograph this very special day for them.  The day was perfect, from gorgeous weather, to heartfelt tributes to gone but not forgotten family members, to just a wonderful union of two amazing families celebrating the love of this beautiful couple.  Enjoy a sneak peak of their beautiful wedding day.


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olga hernandez - We are so sorry that you two could not be there. It really was a beautiful wedding. However, I am sure your partners did a great job. This picture is amazing. Blessings and continued success ? (Mother of the groom)

roxana rodriguez - I love these pictures. Elaine and Jovani you guys looks amazing and full of love. Congrats. Love you both!

Ivette Aspuru - Beautiful pictures!

Cristina - Amazing pictures. Beautiful views. Truly handsome couple.

Debbie - Congratulations!! Such a beautiful couple. Pictures are amazing.

Mirtha Rodriguez - Beautiful couple and beautiful wedding. The pictures are amazing. Elaine and Jovani you both looked so happy that day. I wish you a lifetime of love. Love you!

Jessica - Absolutely beautiful! Wedding was captured beautifully!!

Ayleen Monzon - These pictures are amazing!! Elaine and jovani you look amazing! Your wedding was amazing and that sunset….. Only special couples get to take advantage of it!!! No pun intended!

Marietta Rojas - What an original and touching wedding! Beautiful all around and the love is showing through! Congratulations! Love, m

Elaine Rodriguez - Thank you so much for everything! The pictures look great. I can’t wait to see the rest!! :))

Mary - Abu - Rodriguez - Beautiful and romantic wedding! Amazing pictures that captured the beauty of it and the love Elaine and Jovani have for each other. Love you both!

Mary Carral - Pictures are beautiful!! What a view. Perfect weather.

Steph Rodriguez - The pictures capture how special you both are and how much love you have for each other! Every shot is fantastic! Love always!!!

Jorge Rodriguez - The photos are amazing.

Marie DeLuise - Elaine and Jovani, absolutely beautiful. The wedding, the day, and the love you two share. Thousands of Congratulations to you both.

Betsy Villalonga - Live these pictures, setting is phenomenal!

Congrats Olgui!!!!!

Alina - Beautiful pictures!

Carolina - Beautiful wedding and pictures congrats to happy couple

Miriam Fernandez - These pictures are amazing. I have never seen such gorgeous wedding pictures

Doris Diaz - Beautiful, Absolutely beautiful!!!!!

Iris Martell - These pictures are AMAZING! You guys look great ????

Carmen Martell - These pictures are breath taking. The ceremony set up was beautiful!

Marlein - Congratulations to you both. Your wedding looked so beautiful, many years of happiness and love.

mercy ramos-saumell - beautiful pictures congratulatios

Nancy Yi - Absolutely gorgeous!

Jovani Hernandez - The pictures look awesome! You guys are great! Thank you!

Diana Villasuso - This pictures are beyond gorgeous!!! captured great moments =)

Juan Rodriguez - Phenomenal pictures, great detail in capturing an amazing day!!!!

Maria montes de Oca Mimi - Elaine y jovani. Las fotos estan bellas.

Michelle - So beautiful!! Can’t wait to see them all :)

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Deering Estate Engagement Photo Shoot

Lisa and Felix had their Engagement Photo shoot at the beautiful and very photogenic Deering Estate at Cutler in Miami.  Although this jet setting couple is usually traveling, they wanted to make sure their engagement shoot was in a beautiful South Florida location and Deering Estate certainly fit that category.  They are not only big travelers, Felix is a self proclaimed foodie, so you know a picnic in this beautiful location would be perfect!  Enjoy a slideshow of some of their engagement photos.  We are looking forward to their big day in October of this year!



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LisMarie - Ahhh! I’m in love! You guys captured us perfectly!

Damaris Perez - It came out so amazing!

LisaMarie - I’m in love!

adrian lopez - Looks good!

andres lopez - Wow you two came out great!

Vince Hall - Love this shot!

Randy Ramos - Great shots!!

Gabriel - great pixs!!!!!!

Angela Ramirez - Love love love! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Congrats again! :)

Helen Ramos - great pictures love love !!!! how fun they came out …. best of luck !!!!

Leena Ramos - so happy for you !!!! love the pictures, Johnpaul is a great photography

Carlos Ramos - great pictures !!!! hope only the best for you guys !

Mariana - COngratulations Felix and Lisa. You guys are a beautiful couple! I am looking forward to the flan at the wedding.

Martina - You guys look beautiful! Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials.

Denise D. - I loooooove the photos! Beautiful couple and lovely scenery for a photo shoot!!! :)

nely - amazing picture, I really love it!!!!!
very romatic and it looks like very professional
love it!

Alexandra Lopez - Absolutely love the pictures they came out amazing so cute!! And beautiful day for them! Can’t wait to see them on there special day!! <3

Gaby - OMG! they are so adorable…

Julio B. - Very nice set up! Reminds me to go visit Deering Estate soon.

Idoris Lopez - Breathtaking

Robert Lopez - Very nice!!

Gissella Reyes - Beautiful picture!!! really captures the love.

jose - love johnpaul’s pictures …. best of luck !!

Laura - Love the pictures!

Felix - Loved how everything came out! Thank you JP and Elizabeth for capturing the moment.

Sady - beautiful pictures and couple! :)

Isabel - Quedaron Bellos los dos

Ariel Figueroa - Wow you guys look great! Nice pics :)

Sady - Beautiful pics!

Isabel - Que bellos quedaron

Reena Permanan - Aww Lisa you two came out great!

Daniel - BEAUTIFUL PICSS!!!!!!!!!!!

Ismary - Wow que bellos! I love these pictures.

Beatriz - Beautiful! Can’t wait to see more :)

Jarytza - That last one in the wine cellar is perfect! Love you two!

Michael Fumero - Amazing video and great pictures. Truly captured the moment and showed their character. Congrats guys… “Save the date…”

Saimary - wow, you guys look great. nice pictures

Yaneris - Woah, you guys take great pics! Love the picnic theme, very cute. :)

Jessica - What amazing pics.. such a beautiful time for you guys. Congrats!

Silierim - Congrats you two!! Nice pictures. Can’t wait for the wedding

Mari - You both look great :) beautiful pictures!

sai rivero - Beautiful place…you two look amazing….

paul aguilera - Congratulations you both

Laura - These pictures are incredible. I love them all. Congratulations, again.

Sandy Charo - Perfect!!!! Pics are amazing! What a beautiful couple inside and out!

janet - Gourgeous!! You guys look great.Congrats!!! :)

Papu - Congratulations!!!! Good luck.

Maria - You guys look great! The photographer did an amazing job!

Rey - They came out great!

Taj Saini - Beautiful pics guys! AWWWWWWWWW ;)

Bruce C. - The photographer is amazing! You guys look great.

Jesus - What an amazing couple!!!

Roger R. - Congrats guys! These came out great!

Goblu Singh - So beautiful, congratulations you two!

Daman Saini - Great backdrop, love the pics!!!

Andrea Lojos - Congrats to you guys! What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful couple!

Carlos Lojos - You guys picked an awesome location!

Jen* - It’s gunna be a magical day!*

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St. Hugh and Rusty Pelican Wedding

Maria and Francisco had an absolutely beautiful wedding. First with their ceremony at St. Hugh Catholic Church in Coconut Grove, immediately following by a reception at the fabulous Rusty Pelican. There is nothing more beautiful than including personal details that truly make your wedding unique. Maria and Cisco LOVE traveling, so they made sure to include travel in the theme of their wedding. From unique luggage tags as seating cards to city table names, really made their wedding a world class event. It was all beautiful and the party did not disappoint, where they and their guests partied and danced the night away! Enjoy some highlights of this beautiful couples big day!


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Andrea Lacayo - Omg they came out

Andrea Lacayo - So beautiful!!!

Marcia Lacayo - Wow!!! Amazing pictures !!!! Can’t wait to see them all . Great job John Paul Photography .

Jorgie Lacayo - Really good photography , I wish niner would have went to the wedding lol.

Jackie - My Favorite Couple, Beautiful Pictures, Amazing Wedding, My Soul Sister!!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!

Jorge Ulises Lacayo - Lindas fotos de la union de una lpreciosa pareja ! Congratulaton…….

Cherlyne - Beautiful pictures. Amazing quality. Great job.

Karla Diaz - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!! Love u guys!

Claudia - Simply the most beautiful bride,handsome groom, awesome wedding and beautiful pics.

Jerry - So happy for you guys! Great wedding ???? Mel

Melissa - Love you guys! Gorgeous wedding!! Can’t wait to see more pics ????????

Jilliana - My madrina is beautiful!!! Love you
Jilli ;)

Ana Stad - Gorgeous!!!!!!!! So much love, you guys are glowing. every moment was perfectly captured!

Amalia Diaz - I am writing with great pleasure for your excellent photographs of my niece’s wedding, Wow!!! you have good artistic talent, skills, thought and hard work, she looks so Beautiful with her handsome Prince.

Travis Cottrell - Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple and nice job capturing their special event

Meylin Alegria - Beautiful picture! Love you guys! God bless!!

Carlos - Awesome wedding, beautiful couple and beautiful pics.

Glenda Lacayo - Amazing pictures ,for a beautiful wedding and a great couple!!!

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Sail Boat Engagement Photo Shoot

We had such a wonderful time with Addis and Amed during their engagement session.  We took some great shots of this wonderful couple around the streets of Coconut Grove, just hanging out and enjoying each others company! Then, we took a fun ride on a beautiful sail boat, where the breeze, the light and the scenery were absolutely perfect! We usually provide the comic relief during photo shoots to make sure the couple feels comfortable, but during this shoot Amed was the one to keep us all laughing! Enjoy some of their beautiful engagement photos.


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Jeannie - They are amazing!!! Comps to the photographers, but it helps when you have such good looking models ;). Scenery so romantic – great choice!

gabriela urena - Love you! My princess and her prince, Beautiful pictures, you catch how really they are every moment, amed is such a charming man who makes laugh everybody and makes my daughter happy. Beautiful Pictures!

America - Love them! You look beautiful and Amed looks so handsome in the boat pictures!! Can’t wait for the wedding.

Lisandra Abreu - Omg these pictures are so beautiful. I want something like that when I get married. I love them.

Amanda - These pictures are absolutely amazing! I cannot wait for the wedding!!! You guys look great.xoxo????????

Kathy - Beautiful pictures! The pictures captured the true beauty of their relationship. I can see the love, which is what it’s all about!

carolina - Wooo estan preciosas las fotos me encantaron.

Roxana Anido - These pictures came out beautiful!!!! loved everything about this shoot!


michelle - beautiful pictures of my brother n law and soon to be sister n law(already consider YOU)!!!

!!! ABUELA FLORY !!! - mi chiquitica, desde que empeso el video estoy con un nudo en la garganta,no se si reirme o llorar pero de tanta felicidad de verte a ti ta feliz y dandole gracias a Dios que se nos une a la familia un hijo mas, gracias AMED por ser como eres con nosotros y principalmente por querer a esa munequita que tambien te hace feliz. solo le pido a Dios, que duren muchos anos junto, es mas , para siempre, las fotos son exelentes, los amo.

Yoendy amor - Great pictures

Vanessa Delgado - Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! You guys ooze with love and happiness! We couldn’t be happier for the two of you! JP & Elizabeth, once again you guys ROCKED IT!!!

Esmeyra - Wow! These pictures are breathtaking!!! Congratulations Mi Tica Bella, I wish the best for both of you, but most of all love and understanding for each of you.Marriage is about been there in the good and tough times, to support each others back. Thats when love comes to play. Again muchas felicidades y sobre todo muchas bendiciones. Los quiero. <3

Katiria - Photographs couldn’t depict a relationship any better than this! Couldn’t be any happier for these two, beautiful photographs!

Genevieve - These photos are amazing! I have to say these are the best and most beautiful engagement photos I’ve seen, from the location, to the couple, to the quality. I love you guys and absolutely can not wait to see you guys start this new chapter in your life. :)

barbie ramos - You guys make such a cute couple.
I can see how well you balance each other out, and I’m very happy for you guys! Congrats on your engagement and love the pictures!

Samantha - this is so beautiful, i love it!!! congrats <33

Luisa - Aw, it totally describes you and Ameds personality and love for each other! :) Congrats!

Michelle'le Gonzalez - Amazing! Addis & Amed such a gorgeous couple. The boat pictures came out beautiful!

Pilar - These pictures are absolutely perfect ! Beautiful !

Amed Espinosa - Thanks everyone for the love !
The wedding is going to rock… Cant wait to party with all of you.

JP & Elizabeth, I cant thank you guys enough. The pictures are just amazing. Definitely highly recommended. I cant wait to continue our journey together and finish our perfect wedding with you both.

Laura Molina - Wow ???? BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL, you guys look so happy. Kudos to the photographer absolutely breathtaking.

Marian - Wuaaooooo! Que hermosasss las fotos!!! Muchas felicidades!

Tony - These pictures are AMAZING and Kian gave you guys two thumbs up

Mario Morán - Muchas felicitaciones quedaron muy bien en las fotos y que Dios siempre los bendiga bola y Mario queremos una nieta OK dale loco

Ximena Beltran - Que foto mas linda!!! Me encata el conraste del azul del cielo, con el azul del mar. Y los novios ni hablar…. Quedaron super!!!! :) - Diosito los a bendesido ya que hacen una pareja muy linda y ne siento como madre muy orgullosa de tener un hijo tan bueno y e ganado una hija igual gracias dios por esa union que dure para siempre sigan luchando por su amor no permitan que nada ni nadie lo interrumpa los quiero estan bello el video besos

Maggie - Simply amazing! You guys came to life in these photos. The vibrant colors and background came to life. The water and the sail added more beauty to a already beautiful couple! Again, simply amazing! Xoxoxo

Alain Espinosa - How’s idea was the sail boat? Love it! If you think Amed was hilarious, wait till you meet all the other Espinosa’s. Lol, the weeding is going to be a great one. These two are amazing and the pictures really bring out the best of their love. These pictures are going to always capture great memories for the rest of their lives.

Andrea "tu primis" - Loved the pictures are sweet!! …and love you both so much…Lágrimas de felicidad…Eres la niñita linda de Dios…Amed, has sido escogido… Protegela, es tu más grande tesoro…Te amo mucho mi chiquitica linda… Amed, bienvenido a la familia, es un placer…Que Dios los cuide y bendiga inmensamente…

Viviana Sosa - Beautiful pictures you guys look amazing

diego urena - Los quiero felicitar y dejarles saber que las fotos quedaron exelentes. Nos vemos pronto en unos de los momentos mas importantes de sus vidas. Diego Urena

Minita Cepero - who are these artists? Great pictures, que Dios los bendiga, love you!

Nickole Molina - Omg this are so pretty! Congrats you guys!!????

Angie your auntie - Kudos to the photographer!!! They did an amazing Job!!! You look beautiful !! And Amed looks handsome!!! I absolutely love the sail boat idea!! I wish you guys the best you on this new journey and I can’t wait for the wedding!!!!!! ????????????????????????????????????????????

Michael Delgado - Awesome pictures! Awesome couple!

Karla Casado - Congratulations on your love!! You guys look amazing and so much love, let god protect and guard this union forever. Pura Vida!!

Gaudy Chavarria - A picture is worth a thousand words!!!!! I can see all the love, all the happiness. The photographer did an amazing job, he is truly an artist and The location sites couldn’t be better. You guys look great!!!!

Cinthya Urena - Gorgeous pictures, Spectacular Views and the Best of it All: A Beautiful Couple who has a very special place is my heart. May the Lord be with you in the journey of your marriage. Los Quiero!

Tito Urena - Lully and Amed, I love you guys and hope to get invited to the wedding and it won’t be adults only :3
I really liked your photos and the view (and Amed’s swag)

Luis González - Awesome pictures !!You guys look great..

Jeannette Bosch - Beautiful!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!

Yami - Que xulis las fotillos!!! Muuuu guapos los dos y el yatecillo… Jjjjjj…congrats!!!

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Calling all brides!  We know on actual wedding days it’s sometimes hard to have time to capture all the images you would like to have – you know, like the kind of stuff you see on Pintrest or magazines!  Have you seen beautiful images recently and been inspired to take your dress out of its hiding place and do a Trash the Dress or Bridal Portrait session?  Well, you’re in luck!


Photography by JohnPaul is offering our Annual Giveaway to those brides who would like to explore their creative side with a Trash the Dress or Bridal portrait session, during a very special Marathon -  All absolutely free!


For details please contact us via email at offer expires  3/24/14 so contact us today!  Space is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis.



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Nicole Delgado - Interested on a quote for engagement and wedding pictures

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Our Lady of Lebanon and Douglas Entrance Wedding

Loren and Steven had a beautiful ceremony at Our Lady of Lebanon Church in Miami, followed by a beautiful reception at the Douglas Entrance.  Loren LOVES Princess Belle of Beauty and the Beast, and she certainly fit the bill of Princess on their big day!  Loren not only had her Prince Steven, but also at the end of the night during “La Hora Loca” there was a special appearance by The Beast himself!  Enjoy some of this wonderful couples beautiful photos from their very special day!


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